Example Flow for Three-Hour Session
Botany, Entomology, and Ornithology:
Hands-on planting activities will provide children with opportunities to learn basic botany while also engaging them in art as they paint their own pots, plant signs, and observation journal covers. Their journals will then be used to document scientific data about their plant, its soil, and other conditions using soil and plant sensors attached to a data logger and a laptop equipped with field research software.

Meanwhile, the entomology portion allows children to experiment with magnifying glasses and slides containing real specimen. The students will also learn fun bug songs and a special Flight of the Bumblebee dance.

The ornithology section of this week features both native and tropical bird identification activities with an in-class fieldtrip provided by the San Diego Bird Rescue!
Example Flow for a Week-Long Camp:
9:00-9:30am - Freeplay
9:30-9:45am - Introduction
9:45-10:00am - Hands-on and Tabletime
10:00-10:15am - Worksheets and Comp Books
10:15-11:00am - Freeplay, Snacks, and Tabletime
11:00-11:30am - Worksheets and Comp Books
11:30am-12:00pm - Outside, Signouts, and Goodbyes

Curriculum Details for an Example Week-Long Camp:
Monday: Our start time is at 1pm and we'll have freeplay involving botany-related manipulatives, books, puzzles, and games will followed by a circle time meeting with an introduction to botany (the study of plants!), fun theme-related songs, a story regarding plants, and sharing time. We'll move from our circle meeting to hands-on table time, where we will paint a sign for our sugar snap pea project. We'll then complete applicable worksheets and draw, trace, and write in our composition books. Next, we'll have a healthy snack and return to the table to plant our very own sugar snap pea. Before planting our pea, we'll learn how to use a datalogger and soil sensor to examine the pH of soil. After using the sensor to look at the pH, we'll plant our pea and then complete an observation worksheet detailing the activity and draw a picture in our composition books. Finally, we'll head outdoors for some freeplay and say goodbye to our camp friends at 4pm.

Tuesday: Today's activities will be much like Monday's, but instead of planting a vegetable, we'll paint a plaster flower and plant a "real" flower!

Wednesday: We'll switch from botany to entomology today and focus on BUGS! While we will continue to draw, trace, and write in our composition books, the information will pertain to entomology and we will utilize magnifying glasses and insect slides to take a close look at our six-legged friends. Our observation worksheets will allow us to document in drawings and words what we discover on this day! We'll also learn a fun "Flight of the Bumblebee" Dance, paint ladybug rocks, and create a butterfly craft project.

Thursday: Much the same as Wednesday, except we'll make thumb bugs and a buggy bracelet!

Friday: The real fun starts on Friday with a visit from the Bird Rescue and some "real" birds! We'll also paint our very own birdhouse and make a bird feeder for our flying friends.

The STEAM2 Academy sessions are focused on:
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Music.

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